Eventi Yamaha

Survey on consumer purchasing habits Formaboots S.p.A. as part of the project with Yamaha
Dear consumer, the company Formaboots S.p.A. is conducting a study aimed at understanding the purchasing habits of its consumers.
The objective of this study is to have projections on the evolution of consumer habits and to plan the economic and commercial development of the company by adapting it to their needs. Therefore, you are invited to fill out the questionnaire by clicking on the link below to make your contribution.
This information is provided pursuant to the “Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council” of 27 April 2016, as well as Legislative Decree 196/03 (“Code regarding the protection of personal data”) and refers exclusively to the administration of questionnaires from Formaboots S.p.A. to its customers / consumers. The interested party (i.e. the user who is administered a questionnaire by Formaboots S.p.A.) is invited to carefully read the Privacy Policy, before communicating any type of information/personal data and/or filling in any electronic form made available by Formaboots S.p.A.

    * I have read the Privacy Information and I agree to the processing of my personal data.
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